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PSU Goes Green, Focuses on Sustainability.

Posted by Ben on December 20, 2007 at 1:17 p.m.
University invests for its, Portland's future.

There's an encouraging, nice article in this morning's Oregonian: PSU is going green(er)! According to the reporting, the university plans to hire up to 10 new tenure-track professors who specialize in sustainability. From the piece:

Portland State University plans to hire as many as 10 professors with expertise in sustainability as it seeks to deepen the institution's -- and the city's -- reputation as a center for eco-friendly practices and research.

The hires represent the first major additions to the tenured and tenure-track faculty roster in decades. They come courtesy of the state Legislature, which last session increased appropriations to the higher education system, and will be positioned throughout several academic departments.

Aside from the obvious good that comes from improving upon their social-service nature, I am really keen to see how PSU continues to incorporate sustainability across its curriculum. Indeed, the professors will be hired across multiple departments in social sciences, physical sciences, and humanities. Moreover, they'll all work through the school's "Center for Sustainable Processes and Practices."

Coming from much smaller Reed, the idea of ten professors at once makes my eyes bug-out. In terms of urban universities in the heart of the city, Portland State is the game in our town. As these would-be hires indicate, the school takes its social-service responsibilities seriously, and that should be admired.

How exactly it will work in practice is another story, but I found the idea compelling enough to send it along to you guys. Regardless, our present and future generations will need a thorough sustainability education if we're not to screw up this planet more than we already have. And if we can learn it curriculum-wide, then that's something to which we should pay attention. So, in that sense, go PSU.

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