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Witigonen Contributors

Witigonen has five main contributors.

Ben DuPree is witigonen.com's political blogger. Although he is a transplant to the Pacific Northwest, that makes him appreciate the foliage and wide-open spaces all the more. Read more about Ben on his profile page.

Michael Richardson is witigonen's tech guy. He grew up in Idaho and moved to Portland to attend Reed College. Read more about Michael on his profile page.

Dan Gidycz loves food, coffee, dogs, kittens, ponies, and unicorns. Read more about Dan on his profile page.

Alex Hansen is the resident jackass. His posts will stick mostly to music and movies, with the occasional rant for giggles. Read more about Alex on his profile page.

Christine Lewis is Witigonen's feminist perspective. She is a much-needed and long-anticipated addition to the contributing staff but had to graduate, pass measure 49, and perfect the art of gargling peanut butter before she would allow herself the "pleasure" of joining the crew of fellow wonks. Read more about Christine on her profile page.

James Aaron is the random contributor, posting anything he cares to, regardless of taste or sensibilities. Find out more about him on his profile page. He demanded that he be at the bottom of this list, because he is tired of being first alphabetically.

It should be emphasized again that this is a personal project for the five contributors; we are in no way compensated for anything we do, nor do we speak for anybody that gives us money. This especially applies to things about zeppelins.