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About Witigonen

This is witigonen.com. It is a collaborative effort between several people and the result of a decent amount of time of scheming, coding, and devious sorts of evil and the like. Welcome, dear friend, to witigonen.com.

We specialize in a few different areas:
* Technology (we're huge nerds)
* Portland, Oregon (a lot of us live here)
* Oregon in general (see previous)
* Politics (especially Portland and Oregon politics)
* Zeppelins (they look so awesome! * note: This is not actually a topic)
* Music
* Movies
* Asshole commentary on various aspects of life that you might not have noticed that you needed asshole comentary on

We're especially good with the latter.

What does Witigonen mean? It's an ancient Bohemian royalty family name. There's no real story behind us choosing the name, we just like it. However, some people seem to think that it's some sort of smashing together of "Witty Oregonian." If you would prefer to think that, we certainly won't discourage you.

Feel free to post comments and contact us. Oh, and be sure to check out our disclaimer.